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  • "She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come."

Proverbs 31:25

Priscilla’s Place provides a path to wholeness and purpose for women with life-controlling problems through a faith-based solution. Our Christian residential recovery programs are for women 18 and over who desire freedom from drug or alcohol addiction or other life-controlling problems. 

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Who We Are

Welcome to Priscilla's Place, a haven dedicated to helping women find wholeness and purpose through faith-based recovery. As part of the Adult & Teen Challenge network, we provide Christian residential programs for women aged 18 and over who seek freedom from addiction and other life-controlling issues. Our compassionate team is committed to creating a nurturing environment where each woman can heal and grow.

At Priscilla's Place, we believe in the transformative power of faith and community. We understand the unique challenges faced by those struggling with addiction and aim to support each woman on her journey to a healthier, more fulfilling life. We believe that treatment is key, but we are all about transformation.

What We Do

Priscilla's Place offers structured, faith-based recovery programs tailored to meet the diverse needs of our participants. Our 12-15 month Residential Program includes four phases of discipleship and a 3-6 month re-entry phase, helping women achieve long-term recovery and real-world readiness.

Our approach is rooted in Christian principles, focusing on spiritual nurturing, boundaries, and goal-setting. While we are not equipped to address mental illness or neuro-chemical addiction components, we provide a supportive atmosphere for spiritual and emotional healing. We encourage commitment to our programs but respect each woman's autonomy, always aiming to guide them towards positive, life-changing decisions.

What's Different

Q: Why is Teen Challenge one of the most effective drug recovery programs in America?

A: We know that to be successful an addict needs to move from a self-centered paradigm to a Christ-centered paradigm.

Meet the team.

Gwen Smith

CEO of Adult & Teen Challenge KY
Gwen has been serving Adult & Teen Challenge of Kentucky since 2021 and was appointed CEO in 2024. With over 18 years of executive leadership experience, she oversees Priscilla’s Place, Chad’s Hope, and Brandenburg Outreach. Gwen is an ordained minister and is passionate about serving Christ by helping those trapped in addiction find freedom and a new life. She is dedicated to bringing the message of hope to men and women. 

Emily Estrada

Re-Entry & After Care Ministry Lead
Emily is from Canton, Ohio but has found her home in Louisville as a
part of the ministry that saved her life. She is a graduate of Adult and
Teen Challenge of Kentucky and has chosen to devote her life to helping
other women find the freedom in Christ that pulled her out of her own
dark path of addiction.  
Jesus, a life of recovery and long term
sobriety are the driving forces in her life and she is so grateful for
the opportunity to be a part of this ministry and to show others that
recovery is possible for every honest, open and willing heart. 

Shelly McMurray

ATC-KY Director of Operations
Shelly McMurray joined Priscilla’s Place in 2022 for recovery, later serving in the ministry. After graduating in 2023, she worked as staff and transitioned to Director of Operations for the Adult & Teen Challenge of Kentucky in March 2024. Her finance and commercial banking background suits this role well. Originally from Decatur, IL, Shelly has two sons, Jaden and Beau, who are her pride and joy. 

Chasity McFadden

Creative lead, Direct Care
Chasity, from Northeast Ohio, now resides in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, where she is married and involved in ministry. Passionate about dance since childhood, she leads the praise dance ministry at her church and at Priscilla’s Place, using her talents to lead others to God.
With a heart for helping those in recovery, Chasity plans to pursue a degree in addictions counseling to further her career in helping others. She is excited to be part of Priscilla’s Place and looks forward to seeing God's work unfold. 

Emma Espalage

Program Manager
Emma, from Lexington, Kentucky, graduated from our program in 2022 and was promoted to Program Manager in February 2024. She volunteers at Hope Rescued and is passionate about meeting those who are broken with compassion, believing nothing is too difficult for God. Emma’s journey led to her salvation in Christ, and she hopes to influence others by leading them closer to Jesus. 

Krissa Ennis

Direct Care Lead / Student Advisor
Krissa joins Priscilla’s Place with a heart for hurting women, having overcome addiction and life trauma, including being adopted as an infant. She has served in ministries such as the Youth Program under Gwen Smith and the Master’s Commission at Christ’s Chapel in Northern KY.
As a Certified Nurse Assistant, she has worked with special needs children and adults. Krissa is excited to help the ladies at Priscilla’s Place find the same freedom and healing she has experienced through God. 

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