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Student/Graduate Testimonies - Teen Challenge KY

Tori – 2010 Graduate

Tori battled years of addiction to alcohol. Her family had nearly given up on her. Her kids no longer called her Mom and fear had paralyzed Tori’s life.

Today, she is thankful she is alcohol free and loves being with her family. Her daughter is calling her “Mom” again and her family is thanking God for the miracle of freedom for their entire family. “God has delivered me from the bondage addiction, anger, depression and self-loathing. Teen Challenge made it possible for me to lift my head with real hope for the future. I used to depend on the bottle in my hand for survival, but now I’ve thrown the bottle away and I’m holding on to Jesus. “


Rebekah- 2014 Graduate

“I’m 33 with a wonderful husband, 3 amazing little boys and a lifelong religious upbringing…and alcohol almost took away everything that I love. Through Teen Challenge I’ve been able to find a personal relationship with Jesus that has genuinely transformed me.Now, after years of feeling like an embarrassment to my family, I’m the wife and mother that they can be proud of.”


Evelyn- 2013 Graduate

“After tearing my life apart from years of drug abuse, I tried to kill myself. God saved me from myself and I now stand free in Christ from the bondage of addiction. Christ is the cure! I am a new creation in Christ.” 2 Corinthians 5:17

Evelyn Graduated in September 2013 from our 1 year program and is now on staff at Priscilla’s Place.


Apryl- 2014 Graduate

“I came to this program broken and in pieces. I was in a dark place in myself as well as in reality. I was facing many years in prison but God heard my cry from within and saved my soul, giving me something worth fighting for. The peace and inner joy that I have found in Jesus has given me hope to be alive and free. I am not the same girl with a bad reputation anymore. I am a loved child of the Most High.”


Amber – 2010 Graduate

Amber was raised in a Pastor’s home with a lot of love and support, but she got caught in a party lifestyle that led to an addiction to pills and alcohol. Life became miserable and out of control.

Today, Amber loves her life! She has renewed her Cosmetology license, regained her health, restored her relationships with her family and begun a new relationship with a Christian man. Life is now something to be celebrated.


Jolie – 2010 Graduate

Jolie was fighting a losing battle with crack and bad relationships. She loved her family and her precious children, but the addiction had imprisoned her in a self-destructive pattern. She was ready to give up all hope.

Today, Jolie’s relationship with her family and children has been restored. She is working full time and enjoying life. Most importantly she knows that God has a great purpose for her life. “Since being here at Teen Challenge my whole life has changed. God has been so good to me. He has restored my family and He has given me another chance. I prayed to God to save me from my addiction. He did it! He answered my prayers. Teen challenge has taught me to surrender my life into God’s keeping. I trust and depend on God now and my life has changed. I am drug free and life is worth living!”


Jessie – 2010 Graduate

Jessie was adopted and struggled with finding her identity as a young woman. Her life declined quickly as she began experimenting with alcohol and pills. She had been raised in the church, but she didn’t know how to let God help her.

Today, Jessie is a new creation in Christ and she has discovered that her identity and purpose is found in God. She is currently attending Master’s Commission Ministry School in Florida. “Since I have been in Teen Challenge God has done a complete 180 degree change with me. He has given me such a thirst and hunger to get into His word and to get to know Him. He has given me a desire to serve Him and to give Him praise. My eyes have been opened to His glorious creation and it makes me wonder how I could ever not serve Him. For the first time I have a real relationship with Jesus Christ!”


Thelma – 2006 Graduate

Thelma struggled with a heroin addiction for over 20 years. After accidentally shooting & killing her sister as a young child, she had very little hope and tremendous guilt that developed into a lifestyle of addiction and drug dealing.

Today, she is drug free, passionately serving the Lord. She travels and shares her testimony around the state of Kentucky. Thelma is committed to her husband & family. God has restored her & is helping her to help others.


Julie – 2008 Graduate

Julie faced the destructive forces of a severe eating disorder that had wounded her marriage and stolen her hope for a good future.

Today, she is enjoying a restored relationship with God and her family. Recently, she was very excited to share the news of giving birth to a very healthy baby boy. She enjoys life and being a Mom again. Her days are full of hope now instead of despair.


Family of Student Testimonies


Cassidy – Sister of Eden, 2011 Graduate

I can’t thank you enough for giving me the greatest gift- You have helped turn my sister’s life around! I finally have the sister I’ve been praying for and without you that wouldn’t have happened. She is nowhere near the same person she was 14 months ago. You saved her life. She has this love for God that she never would have found without the help of Teen Challenge. You not only changed her life but you changed mine. She gets to teach me all the things you taught her. . . which is a lot! I love all of you and Teen Challenge will always hold a special place in my heart.


Marie – Mother of Jessie, 2012 Graduate

My daughter, Jessica graduated from Teen Challenge of KY in July 2012. She had been a resident since November of 2011. Jessie had been involved with drugs for several years and became addicted to cocaine when she was 21 years old. Prior to her moving into Priscilla’s Place, our lives were torn apart with Jessie’s irrational behavior and her never wanting to be around her family. During her residency, Teen Challenge has taught Jessie to not only love Jesus, but to love herself again. Through the support of staff, volunteers and other wonderful people, our Faith and our family has been restored. Teen Challenge of KY has been a true blessing in our lives.