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Priscilla's Place

Women's Program, Louisville, KY


Program Information

Priscilla’s Place provides a path to wholeness and purpose for women with life-controlling problems through a faith-based solution. Our Christian residential recovery programs are for women 18 and over who desire freedom from drug or alcohol addiction or other life-controlling problems.

Programs We Offer

12-15 month Residential Program- This is a four-phase discipleship program intended to walk in-depth with women through the process of recovery and teach them to become individuals that are able to live healthy, successful lives free from addiction. This program includes a 3-6 month re-entry phase where students will work off campus.

5-8 Week Residential Program- Known as the “First Roots Program” the 5-8 week program provides help and hope to ladies who are not ready or who are unable to commit to a year-long recovery program. This program provides an opportunity for ladies to get on their feet and take the first steps toward recovery.

Our Philosophy

This is a para-professional program with a strong faith-based philosophy of recovery. We accept women that will, to the best of their ability, commit to a full 5-8 week or 12-15 month program; however, the length of the program is dependent on many factors which include the legal, medical, family and other individual issues.

Providing residence for those struggling with addictions and offering a structured setting with groups and classes is a very challenging endeavor. We recognize that there is a physical component to addictions with a possible neuro-chemical component. We are not qualified to address mental illness or the neuro-chemical components of addiction, but will provide, to the best of our ability, an atmosphere of spiritual nurture with boundaries and goal-setting opportunities.

We will not coerce or force any student against their will to stay in the Teen Challenge program. If at any time the student decides to leave she will be allowed to do so, however we will do all in our power to encourage her to make a good decision. For many of these ladies, their recovery is a life or death decision. We highly recommend they continue their recovery and discipleship through Teen Challenge or another structured setting with high accountability.